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Do you have a pond or river on your property? Aquatic features can be a lovely addition to any property—or they can be a nuisance. Weeds and algae can turn your once-lovely lake into a murky, smelly source of insects. Whether your pond serves a recreational purpose or is merely decorative, you don’t want to see the water become choked up with weeds and emit an offensive odor. Out-of-control weeds create a nuisance for the homeowner and your neighbors and may even drive down property values. 
Invasive or toxic algae blooms can be harmful for the environment and even affect the health of humans. Some species release toxins that are hazardous for humans or other animals. For instance, cyanobacteria are a common problem in Florida waters. These bacteria produce toxins that cause skin irritation upon contact and may cause more serious side effects if the water is ingested. Fortunately, we can help you control the growth of such algae without resorting to overly aggressive tactics.
If you need help with aquatic management in Fort Myers, FL, Ecological Control & Management Inc is the company for you. Our aquatic limnologists and biologists use science-based, research-backed methods to keep aquatic weeds under control. Our natural methods limit herbicide use and promote environmental stability. Enjoy fresh waters on your property once more while doing your part to protect the Florida environment. Try our lake masters aquatic weed control for a sustainable solution.
Do you want your freshwater pond to actually be fresh again? 

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