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Lakes and waterways provide Florida with some of its most striking scenery and distinctive ecology. However, the temperate Florida climate often encourages non-native plants to take root and sometimes grow out of control. The right kind of aquatic plant can create a healthy environment for fish and other wildlife, but certain invasive species tend to take over lakes and ponds and crowd out the native plants. This can result in foul, polluted water with an unpleasant taste and odor.
If the above sounds familiar to you, you may be in need of a lake management company. For excellent lake management in Fort Myers, FL, consider Ecological Control & Management Inc. We offer lake weed control as well as other wetland and preserve maintenance services. We provide a science-centered approach to control of algae based on the principles of limnology (the study of inland water ecology). Our approach avoids harmful pesticides while preserving the natural beauty of our state.
Our services will leave your lake or pond clearer and more inviting than before, encouraging the growth of supportive plants that aerate the water and provide a healthy environment for fish. We can plant an attractive border grass around the water that discourages invasive algae blooms, or dredge or deepen your pond as necessary. We pride ourselves on responsible ecosystem management along with outstanding customer service values. 
For a professional, competent water control company, take advantage of the services of Ecological Control & Management Inc. Our experienced scientists and technicians use the highest-quality equipment and cutting-edge techniques to improve the quality of your lakes and ponds. 

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