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Wetlands, waterways, and preserves are part of the unique ecology of the Florida state environment. Wetlands protect the environment by providing resources for native wildlife and help filter harmful elements from surface water. With increasing building and development all across the state, protecting and promoting the health of wetlands is more important than ever. For preserve management in Fort Myers, FL, contact Ecological Control & Management Inc, a responsible property preservation business.
Our company is uniquely positioned to help you enjoy the best water quality and aesthetic features of waterways on your land. With years of experience in property management and environmental conservation, we offer a responsible and field-tested approach to preserve maintenance. Our scientists and technicians are experts in the identification and control of exotic and nuisance plants that can threaten the health of waterways. We can customize a maintenance program that meets your needs and budget.
Our wetland management services promote conservation efforts by controlling invasive and harmful species of plants and algae while supporting the growth of helpful native plants, which in turn foster a rich environment for other wetland species of fish and animals to flourish. Our strategies include erosion control, removal of invasive weeds, and planting littoral plants which can reduce excess nutrients and remove contaminants from the water. Our approach is sustainable, practical, and based on the latest science.
For healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and ecologically balanced wetlands on your property, call Ecological Control & Management Inc.

We are proud of our record of preserve management and our service to the people and wildlife of Florida.

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